hidden mellow _ 2012
with 노미소 / 김민영 / 최진영 special thanks to 오한울

A academic-industrial cooperation project of creating a brand of red jinseng cafe with KT&G group [Award the 1st place]. The brand concept is ‘finding the real treasure’, which the treasure is the ‘health‘ and
‘red jinseng‘, and the cafe has it’s unique random color food system. The characters are also very attractive and they will explain the hong island story in the brand story movie.

KT&G와의 산학작업으로 젊은 세대를 위한 홍삼카페 브랜딩.
히든멜로우 안에서 소비자들은 홍섬에서 온 멜로우멜로우들과 함께
칼라푸드시스템을 통해 보물찾기를 체험하며 건강을 되찾을 수 있다.

video1 : hong island story

video2 : find the real treasure!

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